Would you benefit from Therafusion?

Would you benefit from TheraFusion?

  • Are you an athlete or active adult that has suffered an injury and stopped PT simply because you have reached what your insurance company says is enough therapy and you are still not back to where you want to be?
  • Have you attempted to address your rehabilitation on your own or through your gym’s personal trainers and been disappointed?
  • Are you an athlete or parent of an athlete that is currently injured or want to avoid future injuries? Not sure, if your child’s coach is right by saying your adolescent athlete simply needs to play through their injury?
  • Are you a women suffering through incontinence and told “that’s just what happens after a few children” or “they make really nice adult diapers for your issue”?
  • Are you an Human Resource Director or Corporate Wellness Leader that wants to engage employees in strategies to improve their health, activity level in an effort to reduce or control health costs?

If you answer, “yes” to any of these questions, TheraFusion can certainly help you reach your goals! Contact us to set up your initial no-cost consultation!