Inspiring Lives Showcases TheraFusion
Recently, Inspiring Lives showcased Alice Beckett-Rumberger, owner of TheraFusion. In addition to being the owner of TheraFusion, a healthcare and wellness company, Alice is also the Health and Wellness expert for Inspiring Lives. On this show, she discusses general health and wellness tips while specifically responding to the episode’s guest.

Inspiring Lives Health Tip Session—Beginner Yoga
In this session, Alice Beckett-Rumberger leads a small group through a beginner yoga session. Alice tailors her group sessions to the participants; so, each session varies depending upon the group’s needs.

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Monster-articleJobs That Burn the Most Calories
By Dominique Rodgers, Monster Contributing Writer

Worried that your desk job is wrecking your New Year’s resolution to drop some weight? You may be right. A typical desk job does not involve any components of the “fitness triad,” according to Alice Beckett-Rumberger, physical therapist and owner of TheraFusion. Such jobs require very little in the way of cardiovascular fitness, strength or flexibility. (Even training for a marathon doesn’t make up for all that time sitting down, a recent study found.) Click here to read more….

Waking-with-style-article-1Walking with style: Classes offer tips for walking the runway
By JoAnne Klimovich Harrop
Monday, Sept. 22, 2014, 9:00 p.m. Tribune Review
… Alice Beckett-Rumberger, a licensed physical therapist from McCandless, spoke about the importance of posture. . .

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