TheraFusion Group Session–Service Example In this session, Alice Beckett-Rumberger leads a small group through a beginner yoga session. Alice tailors her group sessions to the participants; so, each session varies depending upon the group’s needs. It provides an example of TheraFusion’s Group Therapy Session.

TheraFusion Services


i-Fusion focuses on the individual. i-Fusion includes both injury prevention and traditional physical therapy delivered on a concierge basis. Injury prevention is built from a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation with defined goals that are tailored to the specific sport. These intimate, one-on-one sessions help individuals improve muscle strength, flexibility to achieve greater range of motion, reduce pain and power performance based on the individual’s goals.


g-Fusion focuses on participants that share a common goal. g-Fusion helps groups reach their goals. g-Fusion is tailored to coaches, booster and parent groups looking to improve their teams performance. Are you dealing with a high number of common injuries with your team? Injuries tend to cluster for specific sports. Ankle, Knee, Shoulder and Back injuries are common with many high school and college sports. g-Fusion group sessions are typically between 5 and 15 participants and focus on these common injury areas in a proactive way. Addressing injuries before they happen is the best way to keep your athletes on the field, court or gym! Competitive Cheer Program Competitive Cheer is a demanding sport that involves a fair amount of risk. This is increased by some squads where the balance between strength and flexibility is not respected. g-Fusion for Cheer is based on an objective assessment that measures each athlete across 5 metrics. The 5 metrics help coaches evaluate the athlete’s readiness to participate and assess individual strengths and weaknesses. Exercise programs are tied to the overall team’s performance from the assessment testing. The end result is less injuries and less down time due to injury means better team preparation and performance!

c-Fusion (focused on Corporate Wellness)

c-Fusion focuses on employee health, activity, and wellness. c-Fusion works with a companies current healthcare offering; but it moves the company to a more strategic approach by engaging employees to improve their overall health. Capturing employees through educational, fun and dynamic exercises and sessions that promote a healthy lifestyle helps the company reach their health and wellness goals. Because employees come in all shapes, sizes, and interests any successful Corporate Wellness program must have multiple options. c-Fusion includes educational “Lunch & Learn” sessions, as a well as  our “Try on 6” Program that are sure to engage your employees with your Corporate Wellness Program. Lunch & Learn Session Topics:

  • Healthy snacking
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • What does the kreb cycle have to do with me?
  • Proteins, carbs, and fats, oh my!
  • Low back pain
  • Making sense of exercising
  • Get started, keep going and even exercise at your desk

 Musculoskeletal Screenings Go beyond simply taking employees vital signs! Engage in a Musculoskeletal Screening to provide an employee benchmark to answer the question “where am I today?” These screenings measure an employee’s cardio, balance, strength and flexibility. Once an employee understands their areas of strength and  weakness, they can select an activity program to improve areas of weakness or enhance places of strength. Musculoskeletal Screenings should be the requisite to any Corporate Wellness program! Group Fitness–“Try on 6” Program Employees that know they want to be more active but are not sure what to do can try out an exercise program. The “Try on 6” Program includes, Tabata, Zumba, Piyo, Cross Fit, Boot Camp and Pilates classes.

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